Hotel Departments- Take a Look at the Multiple Departments

Hotel Departments- Take a Look at the Multiple Departments

The common conception that goes with the hotel industry is that it is very simple and doesn’t have many functions. Generally, whenever as an outsider we look into the hotel, we see that the normal operation of the hotels starts and ends with the selling of rooms, food, and beverages and cleaning the rooms. But it is much more to it. The hotel has highly complex operations where multiple departments together function, coordinate, and also at the same time interact to have a smooth operational function of the business. Therefore, the Hotel Industry is one such department that has the most diversified employment opportunities. You will find the reason why it is so by the end of this article.

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What are the various departments of a hotel?

There are several departments in a hotel that work and coordinate together. The major departments of the hotel are as follows:

  1. Front Office Department
  2. Food and Beverage Service Department
  3. Housekeeping Department
  4. Food Production Department
  5.  Engineering and Maintenance Department
  6. Accounts Department
  7. Security Department
  8. Human Resources Department
  9. Sales and Marketing Department
  10. Purchase department
  11. Information Technology Department

 Front Office Department of a Hotel

This department is the first department that the guest comes into contact with, the moment he steps into the hotel. This department performs several functions. From the start to the end of the guest’s stay in a hotel this department is in contact with the Front office department of the hotel. And therefore, this is the reason why the front office department is considered as the “nerve centre” of a hotel.

The functions performed

  • The front office staff welcomes and greets the guest to the hotel.
  • The bell desk staff which is a part of the front office department carry the guest’s luggage.
  • Helps the guest register in the hotel
  • Gives the guest their respective room keys and mails
  • Answers the guest queries
  • Explains the activities in the hotel and surrounding area
  • Coordinates with other departments and resolves complaints of the guest.
  • Takes care of the financial settlement
  • Helps in check-out of the guest 

This department is therefore, the only department that has direct contact with most of the guests.

 Housekeeping Department of a Hotel

The housekeeping department of the hotel is responsible for the upkeep of cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of the hotel. In addition, the staff members of the Housekeeping Departments have an eye for detail in every aspect. 

The functions performed

  • Responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic upkeep of all the areas of the hotel
  • They have to make sure that the upkeep of rooms, public areas, and back areas and the surrounding areas in a hotel.
  • They have to make sure that immense care is taken while maintaining the upkeep of the guest rooms and public spaces at all times.

This department is another most important department of the Hotel because it is the service and cleanliness that will make an impact on the guest who visits the hotel and it is based on this service the guest will determine whether they want to return again and also decide upon recommending the same to others.

Food and Beverage Service Department of a Hotel

This department is responsible for the service of food and beverages or drinks to the guests. 

The Food that is made in the kitchen and the drinks that are prepared in the bar is served to the customers or guests at the Food and Beverage Premises of the hotel. Examples of the food and beverage outlets Include Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Airlines, Cruise ships, Trains, companies, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Takeaway, etc.

 Kitchen or Food Production Department of a Hotel

All the food that is served in the hotel to its guest is prepared in the kitchen. Cooking, is art and science in the modern kitchen. It involves the application of basic skills, terminologies, rules of the kitchen, and the final goal, preparation, and the quality of service which is achieved in the kitchen of the hotel.

Engineering and Maintenance Department of a Hotel

This department of the hotel is responsible for repairing and maintaining the plant and machinery, water treatment and the distribution, boilers and water heating, sewage treatment plants, external and internal lighting fixtures, etc of the hotel. Also, it looks after the maintenance of the equipment of the hotel including the furniture and fixtures installed in the hotel premises.

Accounts and Credits Department 

This department handles a variety of important tasks that mainly involves financial transactions. Such as, invoice of the customers, accounts receivable and payable, account reconciliations, payables processing, budgeting, periodic financial reporting as well as various financial analysis.

In addition, they are also responsible for setting up internal control mechanisms within the business to prevent theft or misappropriation of the assets, handling internal and external audits. 

  Security Department

The security department of the hotel is responsible for the overall security of the property, in-house guests, visitors, employees of the hotels, and their belongings.

Human Resource Department

This department of the hotel is responsible for hiring, utilizing, training, and developing the human resource of the hotel.

Manpower plays a crucial role in this industry. Also, the role of the human resource department has to take care of the administration in an impartial way and act as an internal judicial or justice system which will thus promote transparency and openness in the communication of the organization. 

They also strive to ensure competitiveness in the service conditions for the staff.

 Sales and Marketing Department

The major role of this department in the hotel is to bring in business to the property and also increase sales of the hotel products and services.

 Purchase Department

The purchase department of the hotel is responsible for receiving and storing the goods on behalf of the other departments of the hotel.

Information Technology (IT) / Systems

The Information Technology department of the hotel is responsible for the support of all the IT systems, business systems, office systems, computer networks that are found throughout the hotel/ resorts. They are also responsible for the Information technology issues at the property. 


In conclusion, we have seen all the major departments of a hotel in this article. We see there are diverse opportunities found in just one industry, ranging from technical to non-technical. 


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