Food and Beverage Department of the Hotel

Food and Beverage Department of the Hotel

Another most important core department amongst the other multiple departments of the Hotel is the Food and Beverage Department. When you have multiple food and beverage outlets then it is important to have a department of staff associated with it. Any Hotel regardless of its category or classification has its food and beverage outlets. In a hotel, next to rooms the next most important department that makes a good profit is the Food and Beverage department. At this point, it is important for us to know and learn about this department.

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What is the Food & Beverage service industry?

The food and beverage service industry is associated with the service of food and beverage to its customers. In other words, Food and Beverage services are those that are related to all the activities which include preparing the food and beverage and the service of food and beverage to the consumers. 

People who want to have food from outside due to various reasons such as leisure look for places that provide good food and beverage.

 People who are away from home due to various reasons also look for accommodation provided along with the food and beverages for a short duration. 

Here these basic needs of the requirement of food and beverage from the customers are fulfilled by the food and beverage service department.

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Types of Food and Beverage Services


Food is delivered at the same place where it is prepared. The guest or the customer can visit the food and beverage establishment to avail of the service of food or beverage. The premises are well equipped and decorated enough to attract customers. The example of these premises includes restaurants, pubs or bars, cafeteria, etc.


 Here the service included that food that is partially cooked, prepared, and served at the choice of place by the customer. Such scenarios have opted at an occasion of any major events which require service of food and beverages to a large group of customers.

What are the Objectives of the Food and Beverage Department?

The food and beverage department is set up with a motive of achieving satisfaction along with making yourself feel comfortable in today’s world. 

To satisfy the following needs: 

  • Psychological Needs: The craving to taste different varieties of food from around the world.
  • Economical Needs: To get access to the Food and Beverage services at an affordable cost.
  • Social Needs: To have a nice and enjoyable outing with your social circle.
  • Psychological Needs: The need to elevate your self-esteem.

In addition, they also seek to provide the following:

  • Provide food and beverages without compromising on its quality.
  • Establish an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.
  • Provide service that is professional, hygienic, and attentive.
  • Give the guest a service that they feel has the value for money given.
  • Increase the customer base in the business and establish a loyal brand,

Categories of Food and Beverage Outlets

Types of Restaurants

These are places where the food and drinks ordered by different customers are served.

Below mentioned are the various types of restaurants. Let us read about them one by one:

All-day Dining Restaurants

These are usually called the coffee shop or in other words, a cafe in Hotels. These are called All-day dining restaurants because they are open for all the major operational hours like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fine Dining Restaurants

 As the name explains for itself that this restaurant has an elaborate and exclusively detailed menu with a great emphasis on the quality of food they are serving. 

Speciality Restaurants

 These restaurants have a National or Regional Character or Cuisine associated with them. For example, Italian or Chinese Speciality restaurants that focus on the food styles on a particular cuisine.


We can find lounges at many different hotels. The main purpose of these lounges is to serve food and beverages at a comfortable and cosy seating space with relaxed surroundings or ambience.


This is a place where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served along with some snacks which are included in the menu. There are various kinds of bars like Formal Bars, Club Bars, Pubs, Pool Bars, Wine Bars, Cocktail Bars, Beach Bar, etc.


These are outlets where food and beverages are served along with music and entertainment arranged in the place. The service of food and beverages is fast with a large number of guests present there. Music and Entertainment arranged can be in the form of DJ or live bands playing at the Nightclub or Discotheque.

Room Service or In-Room Dining

When the service of food and beverage is done in the Guest rooms with the request of the guests then it is called Room service or In-Room Dining.

Ball Rooms

These are those large rooms which are mainly utilized during the events of Functions and weddings. This section of the Food and Beverage department is more physically demanding and requires a lot of creativity too.

Those that are mentioned above are just a few of the Food and Beverage outlets. But there are many more like Quick Service Restaurants, Buffet restaurants, Canteens, etc, which are operated at different places.

Duties and Responsibility of Food and Beverage Staffs

The duties of the Food and Beverage staff or service providers vary according to the type of establishment.  In a fine dining establishment, they make sure they have established rules of service and act accordingly. 

  • prepare tables and counters for serving meals
  • Make sure that the service areas are set up with the supplies of equipment required.
  • Greet customers or welcome them to the establishment.
  • Give the menu card to the customers who are seated on the table.
  • Help customers in selecting the dishes if they face any trouble doing so.
  • Take orders and communicate the same with the kitchen and bar.
  • Pick up the orders and serve them to the guests.
  • Keep an eye on the table and assist the guest if they need any help.
  • Take orders of desserts and beverages and serve them.
  • Clean and re-arrange the table so that it is ready to serve the next group of customers.
  • Present the bill to the guests for the bill settlement.


In conclusion, one of the most major challenges faced by this department is the staff turn over or the requirement of staff. This requirement means that there is a need for a team of people who are passionate about this type of work and also to enjoy the work they do. Therefore, if you are one of those, do go for this department.


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