Hotel Industry And New Normal Strategies

Hotel Industry And New Normal Strategies

Hotel Industry And New Normal Strategies

We all are aware of the fact that Covid-19 has severely impacted all the industries. And out of all the other industries, this pandemic has drastically impacted the hotel industry the most. Now that we have crossed the series of lockdown phases and are moving towards the unlock stage, there are many of the hospitality industries like tourism, restaurants, bars and big hotels who do not find their model fitting the “new normal”. With social distancing being the first and foremost important factor of this new normal stage, it is increasingly becoming difficult for those in the hotel industries to regain confidence from their customers which they have lost. Let us look at the strategies that the hospitality industries have adapted in order to give us safe hospitality.

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How Should The Hotel Prepare Themselves For The New Normal?

Before you design the new normal strategies it is important that you should consider the following 3 phased approach: 

Phase I: 

When travel is on pause- Considering the lockdown scenario in all the parts of the world were travelling has come to a halt and hotels are closed, the hotels should remember to stay connected with the past and future guests through the means on social, email and editorial content that continues to maintain a strong relationship despite the scenario the world is facing. 

Phase II:

Rise in travel demand- Marketing efforts that should be focusing on brand awareness by making the new guests book the rooms with affordable CPC ( Cost Per Click ) Strategies and CPM ( Cost Per Mile ) strategies should be forecasted and launched ahead. In addition, It is also essential to have a flexible cancellation policy in place to be sensitive to the situation. 

Phase III

Travel Demand Strengthen- The marketing efforts should be continued and it should be made sure that the target audience is picked up in the right way with the right message and right packages.

Hotel Industry And The New Normal Strategies


  • Create a register of travellers that record the travel history of both employees and guests.
  • Do not encourage your guest to use public transportation.
  • Issue frequent laundry services and enlist a strict laundry protocol that your staffs must follow.
  • Create a strict protocol for quarantines. 
  • Train your team on the possible symptoms caused by COVID19
  • In addition to the above points, make sure that the hotel follows strict hygiene and safety measures.

Flexibility Measures

  • Update the already existing cancellation policies at your hotel taking into consideration the epidemic, natural disaster and changes with regards to the international situation.
  • Offer free cancellation if the reason is subject to local or international travel restrictions. 
  • Also, accept modifications for a time up to 24 hours before arrivals for pre-paid reservations. 
  • Be flexible with the check-in and check-out time. 


  • Offer 24/7 medical care and attention to the guest that will make them feel safe. 
  • Create a guide of the measures taken by the hotel to prevent COVID-19 infections
  • Assist guests with all their preparations before arrival.


In conclusion, Hospitality is all about treating the guests who visit our hotel like family and make sure that they feel safe, comfortable and secure. Even though social distancing is against the normal hospitality that we have been following for ages, following the right practices will definitely help the hospitality industry to regain the trust of customers back.


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