Instagram Hashtags-3 Strategies to Nail your Hashtag Research

Instagram Hashtags-3 Strategies to Nail your Hashtag Research

The hashtag that we use on Instagram doesn’t help only to categorize our posts, they also help our content discoverable. It doesn’t make any value to the post which you spend hours on making but, it still doesn’t have enough engagements. Statistics show that a post with hashtag gets 12.6% more engagements than those that don’t have any hashtag.

There are a procedure and way to use these hashtag to keep the Instagram algorithm under your control and get more engagements. Let us see how to do it in this article.

What are Hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are nothing but words or multi-word phrases that are used to categorize specific content and track the topics that they fall under. Hashtags use ‘#’ symbol that is followed by the word that is used to describe the pictures. For instance, a picture with food will have #food in it.

Posts that fall under this hashtag are grouped. Anyone who wants to find a picture that falls under a particular hashtag can find by searching for the same in their social media accounts or, Instagram to be specific.

Hashtags are also known as, #, tags, hash symbols, hashes, etc.

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3 Strategies to Grow your Instagram Engagement Using Proper Hashtags

 Do your hashtag research

The hashtag is more important than you think. It is much more than adding a hash sign before the word you think of using. It is important to know how many people can be reached with that particular hashtag you are using. Tools like Sistrix, Instagramer etc will help you in generating relevant hashtags.

Also, remember to research on the hashtag your competitors are using as well as the accounts your competitors are using. This might assist you with deeper insights on the hashtag you might want to use.

The key to choose good hashtags is to ensure that they match the interests of your target audient that is, popular but not overly popular. Because you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of posts targeting the same hashtags.

Do Not Use the Same Hashtags Repeatedly

Be consistent with your hashtags but not too consistent. If you are using five branded hashtag use it along with a set of new hashtags every single time you use. So, in case if a hashtag gets banned also, it won’t affect your post. Switch up your hashtags for every post to reach the new target audience, test different combinations of hashtags and see the engagement it gives. 

One way to do this is to research and create a list of 100 popular hashtags with the maximum reach in your niche and use a combination of these, every time you post.

Don’t Flood your Posts with Too Many Hashtags

Even though Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, using a few effective hashtags is much better than piling up a ton of tags on your posts. Research has found that the optimal number of hashtags per post is 11.

How Should you Use your Hashtags?

Use hashtags after the caption 

You can choose to put your hashtags immediately after your message in the post. This method works better if you use only a minimum of 5 hashtags per post. 

Use Separators Between the Captions and Hashtags

If you use more than 5 hashtags and you don’t want your post to look spammy with more hashtags then you can go for this method. You can do the following to opt this method:

  • Type your caption.
  • Give space or click “Return” on your keyboard.
  • Type a dot “.” and click on “Return” again.
  • Post about 5 dots the same way.
  • Then start typing the hashtags that, you have researched.

In conclusion, using hashtags in your Instagram posts are important. But researching about every hashtag you are going to use is even more important. Follow the 3 strategies mentioned above and see an effective growth on your engagement.


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