Types of SEO- 7 Types That Will Help You Boost Your Website Ranking

Types of SEO- 7 Types That Will Help You Boost Your Website Ranking

We hope that you have read the Types of Digital Marketing. Now, we need to know is about the types of  SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is the process of increasing the traffic to a website and making it rank higher in the Google Search Engine Result Pages for the relevant keywords of our domain? 

Therefore, here we will be going through the 7 types of SEO and their importance in making our website rank higher in the organic search engine results.

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Types of SEO- What are they?

White Hat SEO

This refers to all the search engine optimization techniques that follow google’s Search Engine Guidelines. To yield effective results you need to be patient. But once achieved it gives you permanent results.

In addition, by following this type of SEO comes free of the risk of your site getting banned if there is any change in the algorithm of your website.

Here there is no risk of your site getting banned if there is any change in the algorithm or way in which your website is structured.

Black- Hat SEO 

This is exactly the opposite of white-hat SEO. This type of SEO takes advantage of the loopholes present in the Search Engine’s algorithm to rank better in a short duration in the SERPs.

In addition, this type of SEO does not follow the google search engine guidelines. Also, this type of SEO comes with a high risk of your website getting blacklisted and in addition, it is temporary. Therefore, avoid using this method for your Website.

 Grey-Hat SEO

Those SEO agencies that are pressured by their clients in order to see quick results use this type of SEO which is a mixture of both White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO techniques.

An example of this type includes clickbait content that is sensational and does not provide any value to the user, suspicious link building between sites, paid reviews, etc. Therefore, it is better to stay away from these underrated SEO tactics

Negative SEO

This is the most unethical type of doing SEO. It is a practice which is mostly followed to bring your competitor’s ranking down.

This method includes

  • Hacking into someone’s sites
  • Adding low-quality backlinks to your competitor’s site.
  • Posting negative reviews or feedback about your competitor’s in various online platforms.

This type of SEO can lead to legal issues if caught.

On-Page SEO

All the different strategies you take to make your web page rank higher on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) falls under this on-page SEO type,

On-page SEO includes the following:

  • writing good and high-quality content with a motive of providing usefulness or benefit to the visitors of your website.
  • Adding Meta tags will help Google bots or crawlers or spiders to understand the website better.
  • HTML tags or the heading tags can be used to highlight the headings of the contents while also ensuring that there are no broken links.
  • Ensuring a clean URL structure for the various other pages that fall under one particular category, choosing images that do not have a huge size are few of the On-page SEO techniques.

Technical SEO

This type of SEO called as the Technical SEO will help the Google bots crawl, interpret and index all the pages of a particular website and stores it for future use,

Creating a thorough XML site map, making the website mobile-friendly, and adding structured data will help the web crawlers carefully and successfully categorize the webpages based on the type of contents they carry.

Off-Page SEO

This includes the activities done off or outside of the website. It helps or aids in increasing your website’s position in the SERPs.

Working on external ranking factors includes:

  • Link building from trusted sites of the same domain
  • Successful social media marketing of your website
  • Positive reviews or feedback from the customers on the various online forums 

The above mentioned are a few methods to improve External ranking factors for your website.


In Conclusion, now that you have read more about the types of SEO, start using the good and risk-free ones for your Website. In the coming articles, we will be discussing the methods we use for each type of SEO. Comment your opinions about this article in the comment section without fail.


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