5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Website Content

5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Website Content

When it comes to creating a website, the way you write your content should always be the main priority. We aren’t telling it because everyone says so. Just think to yourself, will you be able to read a website content that is not informative and also very boring? You won’t be able to do it. When it comes to writing content for a website, you should also remember that you are competing with a huge group who can give much better content than you. Therefore, to keep yourself surviving through this competition an awesome website content is a must. Here in this article, you shall see the 5 golden rules to create an Amazing Website Content.

The 5 Golden Rules to Create an Amazing Website Content

Know Your Audience

Before you draft your content, it is important to ask ourselves these following questions:

  • Who is your primary audience?
  • Who is your secondary audience who can influence and inform your primary audience?
  • How will they find your site online?

For example, One Search Hub’s primary audience is those who are coming to this website to gain knowledge with regards to Digital Marketing and Hotel Management. While the secondary audience for One Search Hub is broader and will include those who will be coming to this website to read the contents at a later stage.  It is important to keep in mind, both the primary and secondary audience before starting to write content. It is important to address those questions which they might be having in mind while reading the contents. You should always remember to put your users in place when you write contents. Otherwise, they will have no reasons to stay on your websites.

How will they find your site online?

Social media sharing, Links from another website that directs to ours, Email Sharing and Search Engine Results are few of the pathways which the audiences might use to reach to this website. If you scroll up you can find these icons attached to this content you are reading right now.

Social media sharing

Optimize your Content

Now that your website has great content and a cool website with amazing website layout is not enough if you are not going to be noticed. 

You need to have proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization done for your content to drive that traffic you always wanted. Search Engine Optimization is the process of using various techniques to get traffic for your website ranking for a specific keyword which will help people reach your website if they are using the same target keyword.

Ensure that these keywords are properly optimized in your blog. A term that could explain how to do this is On-page SEO.

Ensure that the keyword you choose is optimized in your headings tag, alt text, meta tags, etc. These are some important factors for the Search Engine to rank your page.

Yoast SEO can assist you with this.

Follow the “Inverted Pyramid” Model for your Website Contents

While writing contents always remember that your website readers will have short attention spans. They will be able to figure out if your website has the information they need in a few seconds.

Therefore, structure your content in such a way that the most important messages go at the top of the page while the other information which you feel will be supporting information go down gradually.

If I am going to write content on What is Digital Marketing? Then, I will give a long paragraph stating what is Digital Marketing, while giving supporting information at a later stage. 

Make your Text Scannable

In addition to using the Inverted Pyramid method, make sure your content is easy to skim. When your website visitor visits your website, wanting to find that specific information and they can’t find it easily they will exit and move to another website. And this is why it is important to make your website layout in such a way that your readers can find if your webpage has the information they need or not just by scrolling. Here are some ways through which you can achieve doing this:

  • Use bulleted or numerical lists.
  • Always include white space. White space is a space that surrounds the paragraphs, images and other elements in your website’s blog or webpage. 
  • When you have a good amount of white space around your texts, it makes your content more legible, easy and enjoyable to read.

Use Calls-to-Action

Last but not least. This step ensures that your content is effective towards the very end. This is the action item which you want your readers to do after you get them on your site and successfully drive their attention towards your content. If your mission towards the particular content is to get your readers to subscribe to your newsletter, then there will be a shiny button, in other words, a CTA which would say “Subscribe to our mailing list” or if you offer content for a product then the CTA will be having “Buy now”.


In conclusion, use and apply these strategies in your website’s content henceforth to see a notable difference in the number of people visiting your site, and stay on it to continue reading more.


Anushobikha Satish is the Creator and Admin of this website. If you want your content to be a part of the knowledge hub category of this website you have two options to do that. Message us by selecting the Instagram icon on this webpage or Email us about the same to content.onesearchhub@gmail.com.

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