What are Domain Names and How to Buy them for your Website?

What are Domain Names and How to Buy them for your Website?

Getting a website for your own is not a difficult task if you follow these parameters and know what is what. Let us read about what are Domain Names and also how to buy a Domain name for your website in this article.

What is a Domain name?

A domain name can simply be put as the name of your website. It is an address where those who use the Internet can access your website easily. It is used for finding and identifying different computers which use the internet. In other words, a domain name is the address of the webpage which the people type in the URL bar to reach your website.

For example, imaging that your house is a website. Then its domain name will be the address of your house.

The computers use the IP address which is noted to be a series of number. A computer can understand this series of numbers but a human cannot remember it easily. Therefore, it was because of this that the concept of domain names was developed and these domain names identify the individuals of the internet and don’t use the IP address.

A domain name is the combination of various letters, numbers and it can be used in the combination of different domain name extensions that are available also.

For instance, https://onesearchhub.com is the domain name of the website you are currently reading this information on.

Remember that you cannot use a domain name for free. You have to register it, give a particular price for the same before you can use it. You would have noticed that there is no other website with the same name. If you are typing  https://onesearchhub.com it will come to this website only and not anything else.

Also, note that owning a domain name is different and having a hosting for the same is entirely different. We will read about what is hosting, later in this article. You can also get Email Id’s when you register with your domain name. This again comes with a price per year

Steps to Get a Domain Name your Website 

  • Choose a domain a reliable domain registrar (like Godaddy)
  • Register yourself with your domain name registrar.
  • Search if the domain name you want is available with the registrar.
  • Pick the option you feel best suitable for you.
  • Finalize your order.
  • Pay for your domain name.
  • With this, your domain is registered.
  • Verify the ownership of your domain.

Tips to Follow Before You Buy a Domain Name

  • Do your research: Understand and study your niche on what the user wants. Be aware of the popular keywords and search terms which will be best suited for what your website is all about.
  • Make it catchy and easy to remember: Go for a name that is catchy, short and easy to remember. This, in turn, will increase the chances of your visitors in remembering your website name
  • Go with .com: .com is taking a stand as the popular domain name extension. It’s good for as most web users will easily recognize it.
  • Check for trademark It’s better to not register on a domain that is not popular.                               You can use various tools to look up trademark information and avoid these situations.
  • Look for close alternatives: If you have decided a domain name in mind, think of possible mistyped variations to make sure that all the potential traffic reach you.
  • Discuss your ideas. Present your ideas to friends, family, colleagues so that you can be sure of the Domain name you are going to buy.

In conclusion, a Domain name is an important element of your website that gives identity to your website as a whole. In addition, it is a long term investment you are going to make. Think properly before you buy one. Stay tuned to read about buying a Hosting which is the next step after you buy your domain name.


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